Major Event Days

A dark gray shelf cloud moves across the sky over a field of green grass.

Major Events are extraordinary occurrences out of a distributor’s control that cause significant disruptions in the distribution system.

A major event is beyond the control of the distributor and is:

  • unforeseeable;
  • unpredictable;
  • unpreventable; or,
  • unavoidable.

Some examples of a major weather-related event are ice storms, major floods and tornadoes, high damaging winds.

When a distributor determines an outage was caused by a Major Event, it must:

  1. File a report with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that outlines its responses to questions regarding the Major Event within 60 days of the event.
  2. Post this report on its website at the same time it is filed with the OEB.

 You can view these reports below:

Major Event Response Reports for 2018
Major Event Response Reports for 2017